Basement Suite Construction

Basement Suite Construction Bergen County New Jersey

Basement Suites or Live-In Additions as they are often called are an excellent use of your basement if you don’t mind having a tenant or relative living on your premises. The idea having a mortgage helper suite is very attractive to many financially saavy homeowners and it’s a great way to make the remodeling project pay itself off. The extra income provided by a renter (if you actually decide to rent out your suite) can often pay for the suite renovation is just a few short years.

Aside from the rental possibility this type of living arrangement is highly desirable for some families as a way to keep their family closer together. The benefit of a monthly income from a suite is also nice and it’s literally the only way you can make your basement remodeling project pay for itself completely.

Basement Suite Notice: It’s important to check with the your specific townships housing department to determine whether your building lot is actually zoned to have multiple dwellings or a live-in suite. Some neighborhoods do not allow basement suites.

Oliveri Developments specializes in designing and building legal basement suites onto existing New Jersey homes. We will assist you in every phase of your basement suite addition, from inspecting your potential project and existing structure for feasibility to drawing up the plans and pulling out all of the appropriate local building permits. Oliveri Developments can handle the entire process through to the final finishing phase of construction.
We will carefully plan and schedule every phase of your project, working directly with you the customer to ensure 100 % customer satisfaction.

With a complete basement suite addition to your home there is usually exterior construction involved because you will need a separate entrance if it’s going to be a legal suite. You may even need a new section of foundation if you’re building out and you will need to have plumbing, painting, windows and the entire gambit of building trades working on your project.

The inconvenience of adding on a suite to your home isn’t the most appealing for any homeowner but we’ll bend over backwards to make sure you’re happy and comfortable during your project. When we’re all done with your new suite, you’ll have a beautiful addition to your home. If you choose to rent your suite out you’ll have a financial asset as well, which also translates into increased property value.

Bergen County NJ Basement Suite Construction

  • Basement Suite Design and Planing
  • Legal Basement Suite Construction
  • Egress Window Installations
  • Additional Living Space
  • Downstairs Kitchens
  • Separate Entrances

Transforming your current home into something with another living space is what Oliveri Developments does best. Your new basement addition or rental suite will improve the resale value of your home, too. If you’re a homeowner seriously wanting a change and you’re ready to start speaking with potential contractors for your home addition project, please give us a call or fill out our form to request your estimate.