Project Management

Construction and Remodeling Project Management.

This home was completely transformed by Oliveri Developments LLC.

We offer project management services where we are engaged by the owner as an extension of the owner’s staff to direct, coordinate and/or monitor the team, the contractor(s), the various regulatory agencies involved with a project and all other elements involved in getting a project from being a concept to finished product.

When it comes to managing a remodeling or construction project many homeowners think they can do it themselves (it usually overwhelms them with stress!). Others will believe the low-priced contractor smooth sales pitch and have faith that he really does know what he’s doing.  But what if they don’t know?  What if the project just doesn’t go the way you had planned…?  What do you do then?

There are many great building and remodeling contractors throughout New Jersey. But it can be financially devastating if you’ve hired the wrong one.

Oliveri Developments LLC has many years of Construction and Remodeling experience within the state of New Jersey. Through years of experience building and remodeling homes we were able to streamline our processes and management experience into a system that other local contractors continually try and emulate. We are able to see a project right through the initial planning and design phase, site preparation, construction and finishing while meeting our timelines and pre-determined goals.

Keeping your project on track keeps you happy, you know the work is being done, you can see the efforts are being made and you know the final product will be worth it.

That’s our goal at Oliveri Developments. We want you to be over-the-top-happy with any aspect of any project we are involved with. In many cases the homeowner we are about to work with is already apprehensive about dealing with yet another builder and we understand that fully. We are the professionals, we’ve been helping homeowners improve their Bergen County homes and we can help you too.

Construction Management Services We Offer:

  • Home Remodeling Projects Design/Build
  • Complex Construction Problem Solving
  • New Home Construction Design/Build/Project Management
  • Townhome Construction Design/Build/Project Management
  • Diagnose Construction Problems in Residential Construction

Many homeowners have various problems with their construction projects, either with contractors, the work completed or other questions.  As your project manager we provide reliable and accurate advice and our clear communication and understanding of the process keeps everything running smoothly.  Like a well oiled machine we work together to transform your home or building.