General Contracting

General Contractor Bergen County NJ

General Contractors provide a variety of construction and building related services that could help a homeowner or a business owner with their projects. From building a new 800 square foot addition onto your home, or constructing a new shop or garage on your property or even building or remodeling a small commercial building as well. For these types of projects you don’t want a carpenter or a handyman you likely want to hire a general contractor.

Oliveri Developments LLC is qualified, knowledgeable and fully capable of completing a wide variety of construction related projects for both residential and commercial clients. As a general contractor we employ some of our own project managers and tradesman, and work with reliable and trusted sub-contractors that we’ve formed long lasting relationships with.

Why Do We Use Sub-Contractors?

We choose sub-contractors for certain projects because they are the experts in their field and we want the best for you, our customer.

What this means is you’ll always have the right people working on every aspect of your construction project. The best part is we manage, supervise and organize everything (and everyone) so you don’t have to worry about it.  Some and we emphasize the word “some” contractors have given the use of subs a bad name, not necessarily because the sub-contractors were bad but also because the contractor in charge of the project might have been over their heads.

We carefully choose our sub-contractors based on their reliability and reputation for quality work.  We are all on the same page when we work on your project and everyone and everything is closely monitored by one of our project managers.

General Contracting Services in Bergen County NJ

  • New Home Additions
  • Garage and Shop Construction
  • Outbuilding Construction
  • Complete Home Remodeling
  • Remodeling For Resale
  • Custom Framing
  • Light Commercial Remodeling
  • Small Commercial Construction

If you’re looking for a reliable General Contractor in Bergen County, New Jersey  for your residential or light commercial needs then Oliveri Developments LLC is waiting for your call!