Pre Construction

Pre Construction Management Bergen County New Jersey

Are you planning on a home remodeling project?  Maybe you’re going to purchase a home that needs some work?  Maybe you’ve just acquired an empty lot and you’re ready to build your dream home.  At some point in this process you’re going to need to get serious about planning.

Oliveri Developments is a full service general contractor based out of Bergen County, New Jersey.  Our knowledge and expertise in all aspects of the construction process are a benefit for our clients.

Why Hire a Contractor For Pre-Construction?

When you hire professionals to help you with the pre-construction phases of your project you’ll be saving yourself time, money and the added hassles that unforeseen issues can bring upon a construction project.  We’ll be able to help you determine accurate costs per square foot, we’ll be able to help determine any troubling issues with your property or even your house plans.

Remodeling and construction projects require the talents of many trade disciplines.  It’s usually totally overwhelming for a homeowner to try and manage several facets of a project on their own and a general contractor can quickly establish schedules and timelines to help keep everything organized and on-track.

More Benefits To Our Pre-Construction Services

  • Measurable cost savings.
  • Realistic timelines and schedules.
  • Organization of different trades.
  • Knowledge and experience with local building codes.
  • Design ideas and professional perspective.

We can provide all or some of the following pre-construction services to ensure that your project gets started off on the right foot. By becoming involved prior to or during the design process, we are able to extend our expertise to address constructability issues, thereby keeping the project’s design within your target budget.