We Buy Houses

We Buy Houses and Land

Oliveri Development LLC is interested in purchasing parcels of real estate for development in central New Jersey. Our primary interest is development opportunities for:


1. Land for single-family development from 1 to 10 units.
2. Land for town home development 12 to 150 units.


We also do spot lot development. Spot lots are defined as older single-family residences where the homeowner has an interest in selling their home. More often than not the home has not been updated or improved. Some advantages of dealing with us direct are:

1. You need not pay a real estate commission.
2. There is no need for a home inspection. We accept your property as is. We would be replacing your existing home with a new one so home inspections or any repairs or improvements on your part is not necessary.
3. Quick close. In most cases we can close on your property in 45 days or less.

Our only major issue of concern would be an oil tank inspection. In most cases homeowners are aware of the risks associated with having an oil tank and have oil tank insurance to protect them.
Please contact me at your earliest convenience if your interested in speaking with me about any of the above.