What Will It Cost To Remodel Your Bergen County NJ Basement?


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So how much is your basement remodeling project going to cost you?  This is one of the most frequently asked questions we get as a home remodeling contractor.  Many homeowners just don’t realize how much effort, material and professional expertise goes into Finishing a Basement in the Seattle area.  The basement is generally the largest unfinished space in your home;  there are many structural issues and finishing issues that will need to be addressed.

Bergen County Basement Remodeling Is Estimated By Square Footage

If you’ve done a little bit of research before hand you may have found that other New Jersey homeowners are paying anywhere from $30 – $100 or more per square foot of finished basement.  Sure, you could always find someone to do it cheaper, but these prices are going to reflect the cost of a professional contractor.

So for example let’s say you’d like to finish your 940 square foot basement.  It might cost an estimated $51,700 to finish (based on $55 per sq ft estimate).  This would be a very mid-range finished basement, completed by a professional contractor.  The price will go up as the scope of the project increases and the material choices get more luxurious. Like any other remodeling project the little details and materials will greatly affect the final project cost.

So for example your 940 square foot basement could easily cost you $90,240+ (based on $96 per sq ft estimate) if you are looking at lots of custom construction work and high-end material choices that will raise your price considerably.  This is why sticking with a rigid budget, or allowing for a small cost overrun is an important part of your basement remodeling project.

The cost to remodel or finish the basement is usually half what it would cost to build the same space onto your existing home with an addition, or new level added to the home.  It’s for this reason that basement remodeling has become so popular.

Basement Remodeling Seems Expensive?

You may be already thinking the numbers quoted above sound very expensive.   Maybe you’ve heard of someone else doing it for less, or another “professional” contractor offering to do it for much less.  The pricing examples above (and they are only examples) would reflect having a true, licensed, insured professional remodeling contractor complete your project.

Everybody “knows a guy” that can probably do it for much less but is the quality going to be the same? Do you get a warranty?  Do you get the knowledge of certified tradesman?  Are you getting the materials you’ve specified?  There are so many unknowns and this is why it’s best to choose a professional remodeling contractor.  Basements are not DIY projects and definitely not for someone who isn’t knowledgeable about basements.

We understand a good contractor usually costs more than what most homeowners are prepared to spend, most things worth having normally do. So let’s look at this another way. Would you hire a life-saving doctor based off the lowest price? We wouldn’t either. Your basement is a sensitive structural area of your home.  One wrong move like removing a column, cutting a beam or chopping out a footing could cause the upper level of the home to collapse or become a code violation and you’re in for a very expensive repair bill.

Who Finishes Basements in Bergen County, NJ?

When you hire Oliver Developments LLC for your New Jersey Basement Finishing Project you are hiring a general contractor as well as an experienced carpenter. We are on the job everyday and finish many basements for Bergen County area homeowners every year.

We utilize sub contractors who specialize in what they do. This means less problems and superior quality. Basement remodeling can involve a lot of different trades- carpenters, plumbers, electricians, HVAC, drywall finishers and painters. All of this needs to be organized by someone who understands the finer details of construction to keep the project on time and under budget.

We’ll answer the phone when you call, provide you with the best quality available, and offer you the professionalism you deserve.